School fees


School fees for 2016 - R19900

Method of payment

Monthly: School fees for 2016 will be R19900, payable over 10 months (February to November) @ R1990 per month via debit order, EFT or cash before the 7th day of the month.

Yearly: Fees paid in full on or before 28 February 2016 will earn a 5% discount. Discount will be reversed if only one child is paid in full and the account falls into arrears.

Any payments made will be credited firstly to outstanding school fees for previous years and thereafter to current fees that are due.

Parents/Guardian will be responsible for all personal items of LTSM not provided by the Education Department, subject text books as prescribed, stationery and related items as prescribed by the school, consumables for Specialist School Subjects. Learners who participate in Computer Studies, IT, Consumer Studies, Visual Arts and EGD (CAD) will be required to pay additional fees for consumables.

Parents/Guardians will have to make additional monetary contributions for school uniforms, sports clothing, togs, kit, etc (rugby jerseys, hockey sticks, etc). Personal needs for expensive equipment based activities. Specific Cultural activities; individual entries for Olympiads, Eisteddfods, Major Production, Matric Dance, other socials events, sport, educational and other tours, non-curricula excursions/events etc

Extra-murals over and above offered by the school may carry additional costs.

The school may communicate with parents in person, by fax, e-mail, written notification, SMS, school communicator and via the school’s website.

In accordance with SA Schools Act and regulations Gazetted in October 2006, full or partial exemptions will be strictly processed from information supplied by parents.

The school may hold and process by computer or otherwise, any information obtained about parents as a result of their liability for payment of school fees. Legal action and listing on credit bureau’s to be instituted against parent’s who fail to honour their obligation.

Legal action to be taken against parents who fail to honour their obligations.

BANK: ABSA Edenvale

ACCOUNT: Edenvale High School

NUMBER: 01015681671

BANK CODE: 632-005

Please note: When making a direct deposit or a bank transfer into the School’s bank account, please state the child’s first name and surname as reference. This is very important as the School has trouble allocating these deposits to the correct account. Please fax copies of the deposit slip to (011) 453-2512.

It is important that you adhere to the method of payment you have selected for management purposes. Should any account be more than 60 days in arrears, the Governing Body will institute legal action against the person responsible for the account

Subsidies / Payment Difficulties

The Gauteng Department of Education no longer offers subsidies. The GDE currently has supplied the school with a justification form of “INABILITY TO PAY SCHOOL FEES” which can be supplied by the school to parents who are unable to commit to school fees. However, completion of this form does not exempt parents from the responsibility towards payment of school fees. If parents experience payment difficulties, contact with the school is imperative to avoid misunderstanding, and avoidance of legal action.

Should any parent/guardian have financial problems, please contact the Admin Manager (Mrs Carol Taylor) or the Chairman of the Governing Body

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