South African school chess has developed into a major competitive sport nationwide and thanks to CHESSA students are breaking into international chess tournaments as well. As a result our own players have had the privilege to challenge some of the best minds of South Africa and expand their own tactical thinking.

In chess one can always improve and we are finding new ways to grow as players and show how dedicated Edenvale High School students are. We look forward to new junior students who share the passion as our strongest senior and who will carry on the tradition.


2019 has been a year with new experiences and all of the choir members did the school and themselves proud. A large group of very dedicated matrics were pillars of strength for the choir. The choir formed part of the major production for the first time. Members gave a memorable performance at a community church where the police force of Edenvale was honoured for their dedication. A group of choir members recently went for Alumentum Youth Choir auditions and 9 were chosen out of a number of schools in the area. We are very proud of all of the choir members as they are growing in confidence and touching audiences with their singing.  


The Matric debaters attended adjudicator training early in the year. This training qualified them to assess junior debates as a shadow adjudicator which they each did for at least three debates during the year. We have been invited to one mini-municipal this year so far. The format allows debaters to represent a country at a mock UN meeting, growing their diplomatic abilities and their political knowledge. The team wrote a paper on the issue of food security and how it is affecting South Africa. At the SACEE schools’ style debating, our team did extremely well in the Eastern League, winning 5 out of 6 of their debates, placing first in the league. At SACEE Champs they won 3 out of 6 of their debates, placing in the top 50%.


The Drama department put on 2 plays for the GRADS Festival, “The Actor’s Nightmare” and “Under the Oaks”. Both plays performed at all 3 Legs of the GRADS Festival, achieving many nominations and merit awards. Luke Wilson won the overall Best Actor Award, and Matt Sako and the Backstage Crew winning the runner up award. “Under the Oaks” performed at the EADS Festival, where they reached the Finals and Edenvale High was placed FIRST … a first for the school. Luke Wilson was again awarded Best Actor, and Monique da Silva was awarded Best Actress. Backstage crew were once again runners up. Kyle Ward and Gabriella Goncalves were commended for the excellent direction of the winning play.


Our First Aid department has grown over the years – with 30 plus members and this year we have no fewer than five Level 3 certificate holders.  The new year will start off with training for our newest members, including some additional staff,  so that they can gain the necessary expertise to assist our learners and especially our sportsmen and sportswomen.  

Their passion for their duties ensures that there are First Aiders on duty every day, Monday to Friday and on weekends when we have fixtures.


The 2019 Major Production, “The Greatest Showman,” was staged by Mrs Theron with the choir adding their musical styling. This absolutely delightful story leapt off stage in time with the dancers. The fun-filled evenings gave their performers the opportunity to dust the day’s work off their shoulders as they embodied their inner actor. The show was thoroughly enjoyable and the joy that the cast themselves felt radiated making it all the better.


We entered the full complement of two teams per grade in the annual High School Public Speaking Festival.The Matrics did not disappoint us. The individual speaker achieved an A- symbol amidst fierce competition.Our trophy team of three speakers allowed for laughter, but were then dropped by a symbol for speaking marginally over time… but they were GOOD! It is the first time that a Matric group has shown initiative by hosting a workshop for all the Public Speakers.