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South African school chess has developed into a majorly competitive sport nationwide and thanks to CHESSA, students are breaking into international chess tournaments as well. As a result, our own players have had the privilege to challenge some of the best minds in South Africa and expand their own tactical thinking.

In chess, one can always improve, and we are finding new ways to grow players and show how dedicated Edenvale High School students are. We look forward to the new junior students, who showcase their passion by challenging our seniors, and who will inevitably carry on the tradition.

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The Edenvale High School choir has been a phenomenon to watch this year. Choir auditions were held at the beginning of 2023 and the choir was selected. 

Since then, the choir has performed at all our major functions, bringing joy and creativity to those settings by putting on phenomenal and often tear-jerking performances. 

We look forward to seeing what new and exciting performances 2024 will bring.


We have had a challenging season with many fluctuations in results. This year EHS decided to add an extra team to both the senior and junior SACEE league entries. 2023 has made our new debaters richer in knowledge and skills, ready for 2024.

We excelled at regional level. Competing against 52 teams, our first team won all its debates and came second in the league. Our second team came fifteenth in the league. In 47 junior teams, our A-team came fourth in the league and our junior B-team came sixth. 

We also participated in the SAIIA Youth Leadership Development Programmes. We were involved in two simulations of the UN Assembly. In the Water Council, in which we simulated an actual debate that was taking place at the UN General Assembly in New York, we represented the embattled Republic of Iraq. At the second debate, we represented Japan in the argument over the future of AI and employment. Both debates went very well. Edenvale High School is very proud of our debaters for their performance at these debates.



Edenvale High School put on an original play for the GRADS Festival, “ONE”. The play performed at all 3 stages of the GRADS Festival, achieving many nominations as well as merit awards. 2 Final nominations were received, and the entire cast attended the prestigious Finals evening, placing 4th overall. 

We had a full complement in both the junior and senior house plays this year, and it is very exciting to see how many young talented performers we have.



Since its inception at Edenvale High School, our First Aid team was a collaboration of individuals with two common values at heart; care and support for all those ill or injured.

Over the most recent years at Edenvale High School, First Aid has flourished into a community of committed and passionate learners and staff, who put their skills acquired in training to the test during school hours and beside the sports fields and courts.

Our team of First Aiders is put together on a volunteer bases, whereby those that have a natural calling to help others, can offer their valuable time and energy for fixtures and duties.

We have grown to a community of seventy-strong members, ranging from those that are still learning to dis-infect and dress wounds in Grade 8 all the way up to our mentors and seniors dealing with more complex issues of aid in Matric.

We have ten individuals who have already been awarded their Level 1’s and 2’s and more than half our team is currently taking steps towards achieving their Levels 1’s. This year also saw Edenvale High School partnering up with EMER-G-MED as our soul medical and emergency response unit for in-school emergencies as well as sporting fixtures.

We are proud of our learners and thankful for their will to help others.



We entered the full compliment of Matric teams in the annual HIGH SCHOOLS’ PUBLIC Speaking Festival hosted by THE SPEECH AND DRAMA COLLEGE of SA which has been running for over 60 years.

Our Matrics did us proud. We received an A+ symbol in the individual speaker category, which is rare and outstanding, especially since we compete against many private schools who get outside professional coaching.

Our TROPHY TEAM of three speakers were GOOD, outsmarting 10 other teams and our Grade 12 four-TEAM-speak did a sterling job as well, showing their strength when they attained a B+ symbol for their engaging and animated delivery on transformation.

The Matrics concluded their public speaking journey with an internal and interactive Speaker’s Workshop, adjudicating speeches delivered by the juniors and rest of the public speakers in Gr 10 and 11. The whole matric group got involved, and also imparted how public speaking has helped them grow and gain confidence when speaking to an audience.


Public speakers are also called upon to assist in announcing sports results on the microphone at sporting events. 


All in all, we have had a productive year. Edenvale High School is proud of your progress THIS year!

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The Counselling Department facilitates Community Service/Volunteering at  Edenvale High School. Grade 8’s are welcome to sign up to participate.


In 2023, EHS Community Service members joined forces with the EHS  Environmental Club & RCL members, to expand the number of activities our  volunteers can participate in – and to increase the reach of their  compassionate impact in the community. Volunteering/Environmental options  are confirmed termly. (Two visits to charities per term).


EHS supports volunteering, as it expands learners’ understanding of other  people's lives and is a source of great personal hope. Volunteering develops  an increased sense of social responsibility and a heart for giving back and  helping others. Volunteers are exposed to diversity and multiculturalism, relationships are  built and social cohesion is developed and encouraged. 




Over the past 9 years, EHS has run a feeding scheme at break time to provide  basic sustenance for learners who do not have the fortune of receiving enough  to eat at home. Adequate nutrition is key to adolescents’ physical and mental  development, as well as to maintain strong immune systems, so we believe it is  critical to support our learners as far as possible, to promote their health and  wellbeing. 

Learners in need who use the Feeding Scheme are vetted based on stringent,  confidential criteria specified by the Counselling Department. 

As of 2023, EHS has invited any donations of cash towards the Peer Feeding  Scheme, via a specific Karri App account. We also welcome the donation of  non-perishable foods, from you as parents as well as the community at large.  Notifications regarding the Peer Feeding Programme (and donations) will be  circulated via the Karri App and posted on the D6 communicator.

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