Click here to download the 2021 School Fees Form

  • At the AGM held on 22 October 2020, attending parents approved the 2021 Annual School Fees of R29970 per learner. Fees are payable in equal monthly installments from January to October @ R2997 via debit order, EFT or cash before the last working day of the month.

  • Fees paid in full on or before 28 February 2021 will earn a 5% discount. Any discount received will be reversed if only one child is paid in full and the account for any subsequent sibling falls into arrears.

  • Any payments made will be credited firstly to outstanding school fees for previous years and thereafter to current fees that are due. School Fees Forms will be distributed in January for compulsory completion by all parents.

  • Parents/Guardian will be responsible for all personal items of LTSM not provided by the Education Department, subject text books as prescribed, stationery and related items as prescribed by the school, consumables for Specialist School Subjects.

  • Learners who participate in Computer Studies, IT, Consumer Studies, Visual Arts and EGD (CAD) will be required to pay additional fees for consumables.

  • Parents/Guardians will have to make additional monetary contributions for school uniforms, sports clothing, togs, kit, etc. (rugby jerseys, hockey sticks, etc.). Personal needs for expensive equipment based activities. Specific Cultural activities; individual entries for Olympiads, Eisteddfods, Major Production, Matric Dance, other social events, sport, educational and other tours, non-curricula excursions/events etc.

  • Extra-murals over and above offered by the school may carry additional costs.

  • Please notify the School Office of any change of details i.e. change of address, telephone/cell phone numbers in order to facilitate efficiency all round.