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School fee exemption applications will be processed during the month of February and each application will need to be repeated annually, when required for a specific year. The process is as follows:


Parents needing to apply for exemption may send an email to Mrs LT Cockcroft: to make an appointment, confirming they wish to apply for exemption.

Mrs Cockcroft, the school credit controller, consults with parents on an appointment basis, from Monday to Friday, 07h30 to 12h00. NO application forms will be emailed to parents. It is imperative to request and complete the GDE register at reception when collecting or returning an application form. The original application as well as all supporting documents may NOT be emailed back under any circumstances but must be handed in at the school within 20 days of receipt in an envelope clearly marked for the attention of Mrs Cockcroft. 

Parents will need to sign their application in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths and will need to go to all the banks listed to have the bank verification form completed and stamped by all banks where an account is not held. Bank statements may NOT be downloaded off the internet but must be provided and stamped by the banks. No exceptions will be made.


Parents are reminded that until an exemption has been granted, school fees are still due each month and if payment is not received, this will negatively affect your record with the credit bureaus and legal action will be taken.

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